Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fellowship Training Sites

Training Sites and Rotations

The program exposes fellows to a diverse patient population through 3 major health systems.


Olive View-UCLA Medical Center (Los Angeles County)


A large county hospital of 377 beds and academic training center, Olive View-UCLA Medical Center offers fellows a unique opportunity to train in community psychiatry. Olive View-UCLA offers residency programs in 22 specialty areas.  Fellows rotate here in Emergency, Consultation-Liaison and  Neurology Rotations

The Psychiatric Emergency Room at Olive View-UCLA Medical Center is the default location for patients placed on an involuntary psychiatric hold in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles, a catchment area of about 2 million people. DMH community clinics send and receive patients from Olive View ER.  The ER  serves children with a wide range of  disorders including acute stress, disruptive behaviors, co-morbid substance abuse, suicidal ideation and behaviors, severe aggression and violent threats, severe mood and psychotic disorders.

There are 10 outpatient pediatric specialty clinics include allergy/immunology, obesity, craniofacial, cardiology, GI, nephrology and endocrine generating consultations for issues including somatization, depression, anxiety, PTSD, organic and nonorganic pain, ADHD,  and eating disorders.

The Neurology Clinic serves patients with a wide range of acute and chronic neurological illnesses, as this is a tertiary care center for neurology in San Fernando Valley.




Community Mental Health Clinics (Los Angeles County)

Outpatient Rotations

These 3 outpatient clinics in the San Fernando Valley are associated with the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health where fellows rotate part time for a broad range of  clinical experiences.

San Fernando Mental Health Clinic

The San Fernando Mental Health Center is one of the largest directly operated Department of Mental Health Clinics in the Valley.   Fellows rotate here in both first year and  second year, where they  develop core skills through longitudinal patient care experience.  

Child & Family Guidance Center/Northpoint School

The Child and Family Guidance Clinic, founded in 1962 initially treated children deinstitutionalized from state mental hospitals. The clinic  now specializes  in anxiety, mood and trauma-related disorders and is a psychotherapy training center teaching important evidence-based therapies  including  TFCBT (Trauma-Focused CBT), and CPP (Child-parent psychotherapy). The clinic houses Northpoint School, and provides psychiatric care to the students in special education.  Fellows develop treatment skills with both outpatients and Northpoint School students.


Village Family Services  

Village Family Services  provides a clinical experience for fellows  in the care of vulnerable underserved populations  impacted by severe social stress including:  abused children, high-risk foster care children  (with more than 18 placements), LGBTQQA youth, homeless youth, veteran families, youth with chronic substance abuse.

Sepulveda VA Ambulatory Care Center

The Sepulveda VA is a large outpatient health center with a full range of medical and psychiatric services.  The Family Resilience Service provides consultations within the VA outpatient psychiatric and general medical clinics including women’s clinic. This innovative new service addresses the families affected by intergenerational PTSD and other parental psychiatric problems including substance abuse, military sexual trauma and depression.  Their children are at risk for suicide, substance abuse and mental illness.   Parents are referred for consultation regarding family/parenting/bonding issues. The Service provides  evidence-based short-term parenting programs  developed for military families focused on family adjustment, resiliency and parenting skills, communication skills, and emotion regulation. This family assessment / intervention creates a referral for individual children to the nearby DMH Clinics where they are treated by fellows on rotation there. Fellows rotate here first and second year.


UCLA Resnick Neuropsychiatric Hospital

The Neuropsychiatric Hospital opened in 1962 and was the site of the first child inpatient unit in southern California.  The child psychiatry division is a leading center for comprehensive child psychiatric care, research, and child psychiatry teaching.   The inpatient unit provides care for children of all ages with severe disorders including  psychoses, autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders, eating disorders, depression, disruptive behavior disorders, trauma-related disorders and psychiatric disorders related to medical conditions.  Many patients are acutely suicidal or severely aggressive.   Fellows rotate full time for 4 months in first year.